Welcome to QCENweb, the web home of the Queen City Emergency Net. We are a group of amateur radio operators, which exists to provide communications support to the American Red Cross — Cincinnati Region, and have done so since 1941! If you're interested in our present and future plans, please contact webmaster -at- qcen.org .

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Meeting This Friday, January 19th

Author: Tom Delaney - Published At: Tue 16 Jan., 2018 09:21 EST - (12 Reads)
The monthly meeting of QCEN will be held on Friday, January 19th, 2018, at the Red Cross building, 2111 Dana Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45207, at 7:30 p.m. This meeting is designated as the "annual meeting," and election of officers will take place, as well as a reading of annual reports. A discussion of "Winter Field Day" will be held. The WFD will take place the following weekend, January 27 & 28, as a joint effort of QCEN and OH-KY-IN.

January 2018 Edition of the Listening Post

Author: Tom Delaney - Published At: Tue 16 Jan., 2018 09:20 EST - (13 Reads)
The Listening Post for January 2018 has been uploaded to the Newsletters section of this website.
  • AX Prefix will be on the Air for Australia Day    (Thu 18 Jan., 2018)
    The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) allows all radio amateurs to substitute the VK prefix with AX on Australia Day, Friday, January 26, the Wireless Institute of Australia reminds.Australia Day commemorates the First Fleet’s arrival in 1788 at Sydney Cove and the establishment of a European settlement at Port Jackson, with the raising of the British flag by Governor Arthur ...
  • Dugger Amateur Radio Club Hamfest Date Changed to February 17    (Thu 18 Jan., 2018)
    The Dugger Amateur Radio Club in Dugger, Indiana, has announced that the date of its hamfest has been moved to February 17 at the City Park Community Building, 840 Hicum Street, in Dugger. Talk-in will be on 147.775 MHz (136.5 Hz). Contact Jonathan Olvey, KD9AMN, for more information.
  • New Chinese Zhou Enlai Student Satellite Set to Launch    (Thu 18 Jan., 2018)
    The 2U Zhou Enlai CubeSat, developed with primary and middle school students in China, is expected to launch on January 19. The satellite is named after the first Premier of the People’s Republic of China, who held office from 1949 until 1976. A report on the official Xinhua Net website said the CubeSat, constructed at Huai’an Youth Comprehensive Development Base in Jiangsu Province, has been t...
  • Two More US Educational Organizations Move into Phase 2 of ARISS Selections    (Thu 18 Jan., 2018)
    Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) has announced the addition of two more educational organizations to the Phase 2 list to host an ARISS ham radio contact with an ISS crew member. The selected schools submitted proposals before the deadline last November and join the 13 schools and groups announced in mid-December. The two extra scheduling opportunities are special events,...
  • Permanent WSPR beacon in Antarctica Now on the Air    (Thu 18 Jan., 2018)
    The DP0GVN WSPR now is in operation from the German Neumayer III Research Station of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research. The installation is part of a scientific project of the Technical University of Munich in cooperation with the University of Bremen and the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC).“The beacon is still under test and will be shut down occasionally for more con...
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Net Controls - Tuesday Net
If you have already volunteered, you can find the preamble here. Here's the net control roster:
Jan 2 | W8NFM
Jan 9 | Open
Jan 16 | Open
Jan 23 | Open
Jan 30 | Open

Please click here to volunteer for net control duty!

Membership "checklist"

To all new and not-so-new QCEN members: please review the following list.

  • qcen.org e-mail address: If you'd like an address of the form: callsign-at-qcen.org, please request one. In any case, please make sure we have your e-mail address!
  • Red Cross ID: New photo IDs will be issued to QCEN members in good-standing who have completed the background check. You must have the new standard ID to participate in any Red Cross activities that require credentials.
  • Communicator's Manual: see the reference section to get this important guide to QCEN operations — it will be growing soon!!
  • Emergency Alerting: If you are carrying an e-mailable pager or cell phone, please provide us with the number and the provider.

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